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WhatsApp update features voice messaging improvements

It is funny how we were all excited to be able to talk to each other once the cell phone took off in a big way, but things have slowly changed over the years with the introduction of smartphones. We now tend to spend less time talking to each other on the phone and would rather send a message instead, and this is what has made WhatsApp become so popular.

More than 300 million people use the WhatsApp service and if their life was not already easy enough things have become even simpler for them, this is because a new WhatsApp update features voice messaging improvements.

Users will now be able to record a message and then send it to the recipient as a voice memo, making it an ideal business tool. This is done by pressing the mic icon and then speaking what you wish to say.

This new feature is made easier because it will switch from the handsets speaker or earpiece, depending if you have it placed next you your ear or not.

With this latest improvement to WhatsApp and their voice messaging feature on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, we wonder if this will have an affect on Android users decision when it comes to downloading BBM, as we know it will be ready for download very soon?



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