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SimCity for Mac to release in 3 weeks

Those of you that love playing games on an Apple Mac might have been waiting for SimCity for Mac to release after seeing the game launch on PC. Today, we just wanted to confirm this wait is almost over and SimCity will release on Mac in just over 3 weeks time.

This version of SimCity will only be available as a digital download on the Mac, which has an exact release date of August 29. We love the idea of PC and Mac gamers meeting up online thanks to cross-platform compatibility.

If you have previously purchased a boxed or digital copy of SimCity for PC, then the good news is via Origin you are entitled to SimCity for Mac automatically.

Mac owners can purchase SimCity in a deluxe or standard edition that are priced $60 and $40 respectively. This news comes after weeks of wait for EA to deliver on a promise of multiplayer, cross-platform city building.

Do you expect SimCity for Mac to release without the problems seen at PC launch? We don’t need to explain what these were, as they have been well documented and caused a lot of upset although EA did offer a make-good.

We have included an hour of gameplay footage below from the release-day live stream for PC.



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