Major Mayhem is a great free Android game

We love to feature some good free Android games on Product Reviews each week where we can, and today we want to highlight one such option called Major Mayhem. This is one of the best Android games we have been playing this week that is also free to download via the Google Play store.

Major Mayhem has been called a “Time Crisis-style lightgun shooting” type game by the reviewer in the above video. Take a look at the video above to get a quick look at some gameplay over 4 minutes, and then feel free to give it a try yourself on an Android tablet or phone.

Main features for Major Mayhem include 5 power ups, 150 mini mission objectives, 100 achievements, 4 game modes and 45 levels of total action. When you start Major Mayhem it quickly becomes clear you will need to battle through some of the enemies in a way that reminds us of duck hunt a little.

The game environments include a Desert, Metropolis and The Tropics. Players will also be treated to 20 really cool weapons that include a minigun, Automatic Shotgun, a Bazooka type weapon called Quadzooka and many more.

What other free Android games do you love playing right now?



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