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LG G2 camera and movie features

Whenever a new smartphone is launched there is a deluge of information coming out that it is often easy to become overwhelmed. The latest handset launch is the LG G2, and having already looked at how it compares to its rivals and how it could offer an insight into the Nexus 5, we thought we would give you some other information.

One of the main LG G2 features is that 13-megapixel camera, and LG has been busy on their YouTube channel with a video showing this off in action. However, we are surprised that they uploaded the video in 240p.

The next LG G2 feature to be showcased in a video preview is VR Movie, but this is just a 360-degree look at the phone design. However, the following video is better movie of the phone, and has more details, although we already know the main details.

If you want a demo of the LG G2 Movie Capture feature then another of the videos below shows just that, okay so it only runs for just over 30 seconds, but it shows you just enough to keep you wanting more, which is clever marketing.

Speaking of marketing, the final video below is the LG G2 TV commercial, so expect to see this running for a while to help generate plenty of interest for the new handset from LG.



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