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iPhone 5 aluminum case by FreeForm3 Atrio

What better way to complement your iPhone 5 than with a new case that not only looks good but works well with your prized device. This is where the Atrio aluminium case by FreeForm3 could be the ideal accessory to protect your iPhone 5, and we thought our readers may want to see this being tested out with a visual review.

The FreeForm3 Atrio aluminium case review can be seen in the brief video embedded at the top, and lasting only about 4 and half minutes this video presented by Dave from Geekanoids gives us an informative look at what’s on offer.

He goes on to tell us how much he likes this case, which comes with a screen protector and the nice touch of being able to use the packaging as a stand. With easy-to-use integrated buttons on the side this case also has a raised edge for times when the phone is laid down on the display.

Dave regards this as one of the best aluminium cases he has reviewed, impressed by the two pieces that seem to just slide onto the camera not needing any screws. He also highlights a discount code from FreeForm3, although this is subject to how recent you have seen the video.

Could this be the iPhone 5 case you were looking for? We would love to know your thoughts if you already have one.



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