iPad 5, mini 2 keep competitor parts

By Peter Chubb - Aug 7, 2013

With all the issues that Apple and Samsung have with each other, it was no wonder there were rumors that Apple was going to rely less on their rival and find another supplier for their components.

Having said that, the latest news would suggest the opposite, as the iPad 5 and Mini 2 is expected to keep those competitor parts. Not just that, but it looks as though Apple will rely even more on Samsung.

Okay, so we know they have both had their issues, and still do, but this partnership is good for both. Apple gets the parts in the sort of volume they need, and Samsung rakes in millions for supplying them, so both win.

We had assumed LG would start to supply more parts, and even more so for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, but a recent article from CNET News suggests otherwise. The number of components that Apple has been ordering from Samsung has been going up since the start of the year, and that figure recently took a big jump, which means they are to supply the display panels for the two new iPads.

Apple will also use other suppliers, such as LGD, but not Sharp like we once thought because of problems with them. This has to be another reason why Apple has had to rely more heavily on Samsung? There had been rumors that the iPad mini 2 was to come with a Retina display, but reports saying this had been confirmed were questionable

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  • Apple Customer

    APPLE has lost it’s shine & if not careful will lose it’s customer base. Customer’s are getting impatient already after the long wait, most say no Retina screen then NO DEAL. If they at APPLE don’t play their cards right – APPLE will start to rot. Remember times have change – if APPLE don’t change & listen to customers then they will suffer a irreversible lost in it’s customer base. Once a person switches to another competitor – unlikely will he/she come back to APPLE.

    So APPLE – better make sure RETINA SCREEN for IPAD MINI or don’ release the product – it will be a FLOP if no IPAD MINI does not get the RETINA SCREEN.