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iOS 7 beta 5 changes make iPhone 4 smoother

Since Apple started to release beta versions of iOS 7 to developers a number of improvements have been made over the months. We are now up to iOS 7 beta 5, and we are already hearing about some of bugs being resolved since its release yesterday.

The latest iOS 7 beta 5 changes now makes the iPhone 4 smoother, because it did have a few issues when running beta 4. In the earlier updates the iPhone 4 ran a little slow, and the video above shows how much smoother it runs.

You will notice just how much quicker swiping is and there are some other changes that helps to eradicate the iPhone iOS 7 iPhone 4 bugs, which we will look more closely at once we have spent a little more time with it.

Even though iOS 7 beta 5 was thought to be earlier than expected, Apple was just trying to get back on track, which they now are. This means that Apple may now go back to a Tuesday release for the next beta, which is thought to be the final one before Gold Master.



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