COD: Black Ops 2 Origins DLC pack baited

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 7, 2013

Today, we have seen a new teaser trailer go live for Call of Duty and you might find it strange when we state this video is teasing Black Ops 2 content named Origins. With COD: Ghosts about to release you would think visuals would be pushing this game, but today’s video reveals this is far from the case.

The teaser from Treyarch can be seen above this article and starts by explaining everything has a beginning. This teaser has sent fans tweeting, sharing messages on Facebook, Google Plus and other social networks.

Most comments focus on the chance of Black Ops 2 ‘Origins’ being a DLC pack, although no official information has been released pointing to this possibility other than this teaser video. Just as the Origins trailer starts, it ends by stating every story has “an end”.

Take a look at the one and half-minute teaser that features four men as seen in the screenshot on this page, then let us know what you think Black Ops 2 Origins is all about? Do you think this could be DLC so close to COD: Ghosts?

Our money is on Origins being one final DLC pack for Black Ops 2.

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