Chromecast review features tricks

When Google held their event to show off their new Nexus 7 there was another device that caught us by surprise, and that was the Chromecast. This is a new streaming device that connects to your TV via USB and aims to make some of the cheaper TVs smarter than what they are.

We had no idea if Google Chromecast would prove popular with the public because of rival devices, such as Roku and Apple TV. It seems as though consumers liked what they saw because they have pretty much sold out, but we are certain Google is already working at replenishing stock.

If you are the proud owner of one of these smart, small devices then you might be interested to view the Chromecast review video we have embedded for you above. In this video you will get to learn some of the Chromecast features, because if you thought you were already having fun there is far more to this product than meets the eye.

The Chromecast tips and tricks video runs for just over 18 minutes, but if you find it easier to read over the step-by-step instruction to get more from Google Chromecast, then visit Android Authority.

It is a superb device that has a lot of potential and all for just $35, it does seem as though Google is on to a winner.



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