Xbox One vs. PS4 persuasion intensifies

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 6, 2013

It seems that now we are only a few weeks away from both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 release date, the amount of bloggers trying to explain why either next-generation console is better has reached an all time high.

The real Xbox One vs. PS4 reviews will land once both consoles launch and we can see them side-by-side, although considering the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 debates that continue even to this day, we may never see the debate end between gamers. This isn’t stopping some gamers trying to use their skills of persuasion to swing opinions, or could this even be Sony and Microsoft behind some of these debates?

Some of the latest attempts at explaining the better next-gen system include Gamer Vets, which starts with the title “True gamers know Xbox One is the best”. While it is pretty obvious this will be a one-sided story, it is well worth a read so take a look here. We don’t agree with a lot of what they say, but there’s also some nice points made.

In Entertainment highlight a story that aims to explain four reasons why Xbox One will triumph over PS4, again something very bias but also an interesting read and cause to debate some of the points made. It will be interesting to see how some of these sites review the Xbox One and PS4 when they finally have them in hands.

Finally, we have another blogger swinging for PS4 and their article aims to explain why it is right for them to choose PS4 over Xbox One. It is fair to say everyone has his or her own opinion and reasons why they go PS4 or Xbox One, but it is amazing how the persuasion intensifies to such an amount this close to a release date.

Has anyone managed to change your mind about PS4 or Xbox One this year? Share a comment and let us know the machine you’re choosing and why, although it is true that some people will still wait for a hands-on before committing money and years to one console.

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  • Joffre Arteaga

    The sad thing is people are actually taking sides and arguing over companies that don’t care or know you, how sad is that most of the CEO’s of apple and google and Sony and Microsoft , they all get together on the weekends at their 50 000 dollar a head golf membership, while the ants and peasants fight on who is better. i buy what i like and no company has my loyalty none, i have a ps3 and xbox 360 a wii u an iPhone and my latest a galaxy s4, also have a mac and a windows computer running chrome, i am a tech fan not a company fan, i will be getting an xbox one but later in the year a PS4 will join the family of gadgets and live in peace.

  • Jeffrey Alexander

    I’m wondering why you supplement the mention of the Xbox One articles as “one-sided” and “very bias” yet the PS4 article is simply “aims to explain”

    Sounds like you’re putting in your own bias…

    That said I think that, in general, anybody trying to put a positive spin on Xbox these days are just getting KILLED on forums and in comments. Naturally, this being the internet and us being human, the defensiveness comes out swinging. People are trying to fight fire with fire because simply saying “I like Xbox One better” was countered with “LOLZ, you Xbot fanboy looozer!!!” (expletives omitted). The internet thinks that Xbox fans are basically child predators at this point; there’s no reasoning with the Sony fanboys (I say fanboys because level-headed people would just leave the opinion as is)

    It’s sad an getting annoying.

    I’ll have both at some point, just as I had both the last two times. Let’s all just share a Coke and game dammit!

    • clearwoodbellawater

      Maybe if you take a look at the titles of the articles that would tell you why the xbox one articles he is referring to seem biased…..the ps4 article is called “Why I’m Choosing PS4 over Xbox One”, whereas the xbox favored article is called “True Gamers Know Xbox One is the Best”…..pretty obvious which one seems biased there…also the whole of the article shows no favor either way, so it’s reaching to call this article biased….As far as people and their opinions, if it’s a simple statement of intent, i think mature gamers have no problem w/ anybody’s preferred system, it’s when people are calling themselves journalists and regurgitating a bunch of statements out of these companies mouths verbatim w/ no thought as to whether or not there could be a modicum of truth to them…It’s not so much that people have opinions, it’s when people try to support their opinions w/ intangible, untested facts, such as when people say that the difference in console specs doesn’t matter because of microsoft’s cloud, completely ignoring statements from even microsoft devs that the cloud will mainly be used for matchmaking in multiplayer & light physics computation, also for multiplayer, as long as the drm is out the door, so is cloud functionality in singleplayer games….ultimately neither box has seen even the surface scratched on what it is capable of, so only time will tell…people just need to be informed and make decisions for themselves, but that’s harder when articles like “True Gamers Know Xbox One is the Best” exist…..oh and I’ll have a pepsi please

      • Jeffrey Alexander

        My opening sentence was more about selection of articles, to be honest. The choices seemed to be two extreme on one end and calm on the other. The inclusion of those three particular articles was what I was bringing into question. I wasn’t being clear (I see that)
        Otherwise, absolutely. I find it ludicrous that people are waving banners and at this point I think it can be safely said that not one person has played finished unit yet. It’ll take time.
        I still think there’s more to the cloud, personally, than is being shown. Either way, lighting (as an example) isn’t a minimal graphical function, its just that it doesn’t need 60fps refresh. Power taken off of the units workload is still something, I just hope its still used with the requirement to be online dropped.
        Also, and this isn’t to be a jerk, the Coke thing was a reference to the “Give the World a Coke” campaign of the 80’s. Just saying let’s all get over it and see people for who they are, not what console they want..

        • Axe99

          A fair point, but on the other hand (and just from casual observation), and while there are clearly examples of both good and bad opinion articles ‘rooting’ for both boxes (all of this feels very football-team supporting like to me), the Xbox articles do tend to stretch the facts further, and make wilder claims. Not always, and there are PS4 articles that are just as ridiculous, and I haven’t done a comprehensive survey, but the standard of the Xbox articles (on average) does seem a tad lower in terms of more unsupported assertions, less reliance on facts and more emotional writing rather than logical arguments. Far more distressing to me personally is that the quality of writing is generally poor for supporters of both boxes.

        • Jeffrey Alexander

          Yeah, they (Xbox-centric blogs) are pretty over-the-top. I think a lot of it has to do with news flow as well. Really, the most I hear about PS4 these days since E3 is from Xbox articles where people are bringing out their pitch forks.
          The thing I notice most are “Xbots” making claims of Avatar-like rendering on the cloud (or other crazy hardware things) where the Sony fans (do they have an offensive name?) seem to rebuttal purely on the past (RROD) or the NSA. Both sides are being WAY too assuming.
          “Quality of writing is generally poor…” : Welcome to the Internat Age. Yay?

        • clearwoodbellawater

          Yeah I really hope the cloud amounts to more in this console generation too…I mean it obviously will get exponentially more powerful over time, so if the gen goes on a while, then it could very likely make some big strides, but if it does I still don’t see it making much of an impact on single player and offline stuff, simply because it’s the same situation as the kinect this gen, where games were “better with it”, but that typically only amounted to a cpl small features, because of market saturation….so if we don’t see a huge difference in the benefits this gen, we surely will by next once broadband speeds are much faster….haha sorry I didn’t make the connection about that coke tag line, I just saw it as a coke vs. Pepsi thing, but I guess that’s kinda relevant to that as well

  • jzgames

    I like my ps3 , so getting a ps4 . I also liked my 360 but the 2nd half of 360’s life was disappointing compared to ps3.Xbox One will have to release some great titles , enough to persuade me to buy one, which won’t be until the price drops and more games. I hope they focus on more RPG’s and adventure games, I am not a big fps guy. That being said I hope they both do well, competition makes for better games and that’s what most of us care about.

  • Robert Willey

    I have undergone a change with the upcoming next gen…..I have never owned a playstation. Never cared. Never wanted. I came back to console gaming with the Xbox and have been with it ever since. MS has given me no reason to distrust them and no reason to consider going to Sony. I am totally excited and confident in the upcoming Xbox One.

    Where my change has occurred is that for the first time, I am pretty confident I will also get a PS4, probably sometime in 2014. So, Xbox One is reserved for my living room and the PS4 is much more suited for the bedroom.

  • Lacerz

    I was going to get both until the wife read about hackers at Black Hat 2013 hacking the Samsung Smart TV’s camera to spy on people. That pretty much killed the Xbox One coming to our house.

    • Robb

      You shouldn’t use your facebook, your laptop, definitely not your cell phone. Probably shouldn’t go outside. If you are truly worried about it, for whatever convoluted reason, cover it up, or turn it around. What hacker, skilled enough to get through xbox live, would do so to watch people sit on a couch?

      • Ademus

        Poor little Robb, counter-attacking every comment against his beloved One, blind fanboy

        • The Good Kin

          How is he blind? he’s talking about real concerns in regards to privacy. I don’t think Kinect is the battlefield for our constitutional right.

          What do you bring to the table, ridicule?

        • Jeffrey Alexander

          I think the privacy thing is just a reason to be mad about something.
          Fact is, nobody puts a camera on any consumer product JUST for the government.
          I think it is fair to say to those people who are making a purchase decision because of the “Guv’ment” being able to spy really do have to take inventory of what they own. Outside of the kitchen I find it hard to believe that most homes don’t have an active listening/viewing device in every room in some form. It’s becoming a little “tin-hat”.
          Please, don’t get me wrong, I would prefer that I’m alone when I feel alone (if you get me) but at the same time, I accept that when I have my phone ANYWHERE near me or my laptop on/open I am potentionally being tracked by SOMEONE (NSA, Google, RIAA). We just live in that world now.

        • Robb

          Lol, two? I apologize for discussing on discussion comments.
          The facts are that there is no privacy anymore.

  • Dominic Vinall-Smith

    I was interested in the Xbox One until all of the changes began happening. Now I’m totally put off the console as I just don’t know what Microsoft are doing with it, day to day. And I really don’t trust that Microsoft won’t make dramatic changes post launch when the install base is there.

    The majority of the Xbox One exclusives aren’t really doing it for me. Although I feel like there’s too much focus on Titanfall which means that other exclusives perhaps aren’t getting the attention and therefore the recognition that they deserve. I’ve read a lot of biased and unbiased previews covering both consoles, (guess which I took more seriously?) and of course there are some decent arguments both ways.

    Ultimately though I decided on the PS4 and have made my preorder. I have my reasons, some of which I have listed above. And I really won’t be swayed, but I welcome discussion on the merits of both systems. I just wish that more people on the cyber web had that sort of attitude and that they’d stop getting so angry with each other about it.

    • Robb

      “I was interested in the Xbox One until all of the changes began happening. Now I’m totally put off the console as I just don’t know what Microsoft are doing with it, day to day. And I really don’t trust that Microsoft won’t make dramatic changes post launch when the install base is there.”
      Sooo…. you were upset when Microsoft backtracked on its policies… but are fearful of them putting those policies back into action? Yeeeaaah…

      • Dominic Vinall-Smith

        Hahahaha. I’ve seen a few of your other comments above. You’re a tad biased really aren’t you.

        I’ll engage you though.

        My point is that as much as I was interested in the console I feel as though the changes made have been so significant that were Microsoft to re-reverse their decision (which, as I said, I strongly suspect might happen) everyone that has bought their system will have essentially bought a system that is designed to be amended to Microsoft’s original specifications.

        I call that ‘false advertising.’

        You see, I won’t be rude to someone I don’t know. Frankly it’s pointless and totally uncalled for. So whether you agree or disagree is your decision. It has no bearing on me or anyone else. Enjoy your new console. I’m sure that either way it will bring you many years of enjoyment.

        I just ask that you actually bring something to the table if you want to discuss this, and not just slam other people’s thoughts and opinions.

        • Robb

          I wasn’t being rude. You literally said that you were interested in something that was taken away, but if it was brought back you would be mad about it. You ‘slam’ yourself saying things like that that make next to no sense, which you only say because you’ve already made your choice and like everyone else you feel the need to make up things to defend it. Don’t get mad at me because you got caught saying something dumb.

          “False advertisement” is against the law, and so would be reinstating significant policies after a product’s release. Anyway, Phil Spencer @XboxP3, has already stated the old policies and programs and such (disc-less switching, family sharing) may come back, but they’ll only work for digital copies, which you already can’t lend out or trade in anyway.

          I was a fan of the original plans. It’s where gaming is going whether people like it or not. I guarantee by the next round of consoles physical media will be gone, and always-on will be an afterthought.

        • Dominic Vinall-Smith

          Ok. I was willing to engage you until you started showing just how biased you are.

          “Anyway, Phil Spencer @XboxP3, has already stated
          …” – Really? REALLY? Did you just say that? Do you understand how that looks?

          Look, you’re not willing to have a conversation. Your points on this thread, ALL OF THEM, are nothing but defending the Xbox One to people that have decided not to buy it.

          Don’t think that you can tell people what they are thinking or doing is wrong or ‘dumb.’ Just because I chose to buy a product that a company are bringing out that differs from your choice does not yield you the need to harp on about why people’s decisions are wrong.

          You are rude and obnoxious. You are either being paid by Microsoft or you’re a enormous fan-boy.

          Either way, you value your opinion above anyone else’s. I don’t want to discuss this with you. You don’t seem to have anything interesting to say. Maybe you’ll consider how you have come across as a real jerk in this thread. Don’t recoil in horror at that and rush to defend or belittle, it’s true, deal with it.

          Don’t bother replying. I won’t read it.

        • Robb

          Sure you will. Phil Spencer is for all intents and purposes the leader of Xbox (second in command). How is repeating what he said to explain to you the plans of their policies rude, being a jerk, or even one sided? It’s the only side, it’s the only word out there on it. If anything, you’re being the irrational fanboy here for completely ignoring everything I said. I’m bringing things up, and you’re resulting to name-calling and ignoring my comments.

          I’m sorry I hurt your feelings by calling you out when you said you were excited for something but would be put-off if it came back. Finally, please, if you can find one instance where I defamed a person’s character, bashed their choice, bashed the PS4, or told someone they were making the wrong decision, I will paypal you $10. I don’t want to have this conversation anymore either, I’d rather disqus with people who will present counter arguments and not resort to name-calling or putting words in my mouth…err… fingers.

    • Jeffrey Alexander

      I think the only way the can reverse it is with a partial-reverse. Let me explain (of what I understand):

      Xbox One WAS an all-in-one entertainment set-top box. It was always online, which required a connection BUT not necessarily a super-fast connection. The reason it did this is because it was, essentially, a DIGITAL ONLY machine that allowed for a disc delivery system. The only other reason for a disc drive is to have Blu-Ray for movies (as Xbox One is intended to replace almost everything under your TV). This was the compromise MS was trying to make for the markets that have yet to reach the high-speed/high-bandwidth demographic (short-sighted as it may have been). The online check-in was to deter people from DL a disc based game to their console and then trading it in to get some/most of their money back. They SHOULD have allowed for a local disc-check as well, in case a connection could not be found. Now that the online check is out of the window, I think it would be next to impossible to ‘take it back’.
      I will personally purchase all of my Xbox One game digitally so I can take full advantage of quick switching and whatnot.

      PS4 will be an awesome machine, just like PS3 was. Xbox will be an awesome machine, just like Xbox 360 was. Wii U will have awesome Nintendo games, just like every Nintendo system does. That’s all.

  • jack

    I was going for the ps4 but I preferred Xbox ones exclusives and that fact that Microsoft keeps improving the Xbox one bassically every week has persuaded me to get the Xbox instead, plus the kinect and cloud sound amazing

    • Ryan

      I’m with the PS4 right now and have it pre-ordered. I hope that I’m not missing out on big things with Kinnect and a developer friendly, fully structured and accessible cloud. If Microsoft does boost the RAM to 12 GB, I will switch. Right now, I feel like there’s enough power difference going for the PS4 to matter long term.