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iPhone 5S vs. 5 changes clear in leak

The moment Apple released the iPhone 5 last year we knew that come this year the next update would be the iPhone 5S. Okay, so we know that there have been a few rumors to suggest otherwise, but we cannot see Apple breaking their habit, although there is still a good chance that a cheaper model will be released this year.

We assumed that the iPhone 5S would look very similar to the current model, although with the rumored fingerprint sensor, we would expect to see a minor change.

In the image you see above we have what looks to be the iPhone 5S vs. 5 changes, and while they do not look like anything major (no surprise) the iPhone 5S changes are clear in the leak, but only to the inside.

You will notice that the ribbon is now slightly longer, but for what reason we do not know. Some of the screw placements have also been moved, and so you see this is further evidence that we will see an iPhone 5S release, and not the iPhone 6 that we all would have liked.

It is horrible having to report on such trivial things like this, but we thought our readers would wish to know that more internal parts for the next iPhone have leaked, although we cannot be certain how much faith we can put in this Apple Insider report?



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