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iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 review and specs

The release of the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 has been a bit of surprise handset because it has given Micromax something to think about with their Canvas 4, which as we know was not well received because it lacked some key features, and so led to a few people asking for their pre-order money back.

A recent iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 review video (see above) shows that the handset is lacking in some key areas, but it is a handset that has generated a huge amount of interest, mainly because of its price.

With the review video you get the lowdown on all the key iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 specs and features and it runs for a little over 17 minutes. The build quality is said to be impressive, but if this was the case then why do they supply four spare back covers, although they do come in different colors?

In the second video (see below) this is where we get to see the iBerry Auxus Nuclea benchmarks, more details and those features and specs as well.

The final video (again, see below) is a iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 unboxing, and gives you an idea on how the handset will come to you in its packaging, and we cannot help feel as though the box is very similar to how an iPhone is boxed up.

Watch all three videos and then give us your opinion on your thoughts in regards to the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 handset. Just to let you know, the iBerry Auxus Nuclea price in India is around Rs.18,000.00.



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