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Differences between Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2

We have just under a month to go until we learn the differences between Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2; this is because we expect to see the newer version being unveiled during next months Samsung Unpacked 2013 episode 2 event. The official will be shown off for the world to see, but will they impress as much as we hope?

Each year the need to upgrade to a newer smartphone gets stronger, this is because technology is moving at such a fast rate, and so the Note 2 has already shown signs of age, although it still has what it takes against some of the new smartphones coming to the market.

Some people will still be very happy with the Galaxy Note 2 specs, and will not wish to update, although if rumors are correct and the Note 3 comes packing the Exynos 5 Octa chip, 3GB of RAM and tougher Gorilla Glass, then this could be well worth the upgrade.

The Note 2 is lacking in some key areas, and even though it can still hold its own, the thought of improved multitasking with that 3GB of RAM and the thought of wireless charging, well the Note 2 will certainly have a tough time competing.

It is clear that most of the changes will happen under the hood, with the interior expected to say pretty much the same. We do wonder how Samsung will improve on an already good phone though, because they can only go so far with the technology because there is a limit to what the battery can achieve.

Okay, so we know they will upgrade the processor and the display, but the questions remains as to how big they will go with the screen, and what display technology Samsung will give the Note 3?



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