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2 new Surface Pro price drops

With Microsoft already dropping the price of the Surface RT and admitting that they made mistakes leading to poor sales figures, it was obvious the Surface Pro would follow suit. The 2 Surface Pro storage options have both been reduced by $100.

This means the 2 new Surface Pro price drops are $799 for the 64GB model and $899 for the 128GB version. However, the price is still a bit on the steep side and so we expect another price cut to follow later in the year.

However, this latest Surface price cut is perfect timing for the Back to School season, and we are sure a few students will be taking Microsoft up on their new offer, unless they go with the Surface RT that can now be picked up for $349.

The Surface Pro is a decent device, and is far better than the RT, which cannot live up to Microsoft’s expectations, and so could see it being discontinued.

Microsoft has said that they will bring new Surface devices to the market later this year, but we cannot be sure a 2nd generation RT would be one of them, unless they release it with aggressive pricing from the start?

These recent price cuts from the Surface range just shows how tough the market is, and that Microsoft went into it without enough market research. It is clear they need a rethink, but it is not the end of the line for Surface, they just need an equal balance of hardware and competitive pricing.

Being realistic, what do you think is the perfect price point for the Surface RT and Surface should be?



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