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Xbox One controller price in UK not cheap

We already know that Microsoft are planning to charge $60 for a secondary Xbox One controller, but now it looks like we have the confirmed price of the pad for those getting the Xbox One in the UK and require a second controller. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t going to be cheap though and basically the same price as a full game.

This was to be expected though, as new controllers always end up costing the same amount as a full game – just as we see with the Xbox 360 and also with Sony’s DualShock controllers for the PS3. Now, Microsoft has confirmed your worst fears, by revealing a £44.99 price on their website for all Xbox One controller purchases.

If you head to the company’s online store here, you will also be able to see a bundle option – combining an Xbox One controller along with a Play and Charge kit for £59.99, a saving of £5 if you buy both items separately. With the debate over the Xbox One headset bundle still not settled, you’ll find the official headset available for £20 as well – telling us that Microsoft still has no plans to offer one for free with every console.

If some of you want to go ahead and buy a second controller right now from Microsoft, you could even pick up games like Ryse as well and Forza 5 – both of which are priced at £49.99. It’s not like we expected these add-on controllers to be cheaper than £44.99, so let us know if you will still be picking a second one up.

Or alternatively, will you wait until the first third-party controllers become available from other companies?



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