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VideoPane app features on iPhone 5

It is no secret that the Apple iPhone is lacking in features, and while iOS 7 promises to bring with it a host of much-needed improvements, not being open-source is still a huge hindrance for some of you. The reason for this is because there are several features that users would love to have on their iPhone, but cannot because Apple will not allow such things.

However, there is a way around this and that is by jailbreaking your device, although this is a decision you cannot go into lightly, although more and more people seem to be doing so. There are so many great features that a jailbroken iPhone 5 has, such as VideoPane.

The new VideoPane app features on the iPhone 5 now allows you the option to detach the video from the app, which then lets you use other features of your iPhone 5 while the video is still being viewed in the center of the screen.

Remember that you need an iPhone 5 jailbreak to run this app, but the ability to watch a video while still being able to send a text or perform another function is certainly going to persuade even more people to jailbreak their Apple iPhone.

VideoPane really does give your iPhone 5 true multitasking, although the Galaxy S3 was the first handset to make use of such a feature. There are far more VideoPane app features than just this, although this has yet to be shared with us. The release date for this app is also unknown to us, but we hope to have some updated details soon. The price of this app will be $1.99.



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