Sony Xperia Z tablet misses out on Android 4.3 update

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2013

While there are now several Android devices getting the latest Jelly Bean update, it looks as though the Sony Xperia Z tablet is not one of them, as it misses out on the Android 4.3 update. However, it has been upgraded to 4.2.2, which is a vast improvement over its previous version.

The Sony Xperia ZR, and also the Xperia Z have already made use of this update, so it was rather obvious the Z tablet was going to follow shortly after. However, it looks as though only the LTE version has the update so far, although the Wi-Fi model should not be too far behind.

If you have yet to receive the Android 4.2.2 update and would like to see what it looks like running on the Xperia Z tablet, then head over to Xperia Blog where there are four screenshots for you to view.

You will notice that several elements of the UI have change, such as the repositioning of the notification bar, which now appears at the top. The virtual buttons are now in a more central position.

Moving these is sure to gain a reaction from Xperia Z tablet owners because some of you will feel as though it will now be difficult to use these controls while holding the tablet with one hand. However, now that they are more centralized it makes it easier to reach with either hand as they are an equal distance apart.

Some of the new Xperia Z tablet features following the Android 4.2.2 update are a quick pull-down menu for settings, and the Small Apps along with the IR Remote have moved, although we have yet to learn where they have gone, although we are sure our readers will share this with us.

Are you happy with the new update for the Sony Xperia Z tablet?

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  • UX

    This update has ruined user experience that was before. Notification bar lost convenient brightness control / wifi switch, futhermore – moved to top. While holding tablet in landscape mode, it’s now inconvenient to check notifications as well as navigate back or home. Cannot simply reach navigation buttons while holding tablet in hands. Hope next update will be better. Portrait mode is not more convenient than before. Cannot understand why Sony did this. Before the update it was tablet and it felt like tablet, after update it received phone UI, and is now less like tablet. However Z phone update did not ruin user experience with same update.