Call of Duty Ghosts: Squads co-op answer to zombies?

By Alan Ng - Aug 5, 2013

At the start of July, we told you that Infinity Ward had confirmed that a brand new co-op mode of some sort would be featuring in Call of Duty Ghosts. This would be the developer’s follow-up to Spec Ops from Modern Warfare 3 and another attempt to seemingly tap into the phenomenal popularity that Treyarch generates with their co-op mode zombies.

The great news, is that it looks like Infinity Ward are ready to show off the Ghosts co-op mode very soon and we now know that it will be called ‘Squads’. Infinity Ward head Mark Rubin has teased the new mode on his Twitter account, showing off a teaser video which confirms Squads and also online support for it.

We already know that the multiplayer premiere gameplay is going to be revealed on August 14, but will Infinity Ward decide to show off Squads on this date as well, or will they give it a separate event? Perhaps more importantly, will it feature similar gameplay to Spec Ops from MW3, or will we again see the developer try something completely new.

It’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing a zombie mode, but Infinity Ward will obviously be looking at that formula and trying to find ways to match its success. Spec Ops was actually pretty good fun on MW3, so most of you will probably feeling confident that something good will be coming with Squads when the game is out in November.

Hopefully when we do see it, we’ll get a look at how co-op runs both on current-gen Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms, but also the PS4 and Xbox One as well. If you played Spec Ops to death, let us know your expectations on the new Squads mode and what you want to see with it.

Watch the teaser below.

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First video from new phone. on Twitpic

  • mat

    Wow no zombies well they screwed that all up I have asked a bunch of people at gamestop y they are buying the new dlc for the black ops 2 and they always replied because of zombies. I mean ya ok some of the multiplayer maps were alright in the beginning but now it seems like they rushed them and only cared about the zombies maps because they knew that’s wat sold the most. Me personally bought all the map packs at the beginning and now idk if it was really worth it for the multiplayer.

  • cripper

    the zombie mode is popular simply because you can upgrade and upgrade yourself / guns a lot. This is where mw3 hoarde mode fell down (as well as 2 player only).

    There was little incentive to play mw3 after hitting lvl 50 apart from the high round score, which inevitably gets hacked / glitched.
    They have to keep it addictive. BO2 was clever with the buildables addition. New perks etc. pity they never added a double PaP, I hope there is a double PaP in the last DLC, can’t really see what else they could do to keep it interesting.

  • Number1jamie

    Really hope it’s 4 player this time !

  • Sonny

    Don’t forget Wii U