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Battlefield 4 PC gameplay with best settings

You have probably seen some gameplay of Battlefield 4 already, but what you may not have had the chance to witness yet, is the game running at maximum capacity – ie, pure gameplay footage showing the true potential of the Frostbite 3 engine with optimum PC settings. Those of you who already have a system capable of competing with it will definitely not want to miss out.

The comparisons with Call of Duty Ghosts are obviously well under way, but we doubt that Call of Duty Ghosts running on optimum settings will be able to match this. It may come close, but we have to say that the game is looking pretty stunning here and another reason why games may choose Battlefield over Call of Duty again this year.

The gameplay you see here again takes place on the stunning Siege of Shanghai level, with a particular emphasis on close quarter knife takedowns. With the settings cranked up to the max though, you really get a good opportunity to see the some of the particle effects of the map – specifically the amount of debris that is flying through the air.

The level of detail that the Frostbite 3 engine can produce is very impressive to say the least and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of these extra touches are not present on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. The big question on our minds though, is whether DICE will be able to make the Xbox One and PS4 builds up to the same quality as high-end PCs running at max output.

Most of you are probably wondering the same thing, so all eyes are when DICE finally decide to unleash the first next-gen gameplay of Battlefield 4 – what an exciting time that is going to be. Take a look at BF4 running at full settings above and let us know if you are impressed or not.

Do you have a PC that can run Battlefield 4 at full settings, or do you need to upgrade first?



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