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Apple designs A7 chip specs, Samsung still the laborer

Apple and Samsung have been in and out of court with each other for years, yet they still get on when they need to. Okay, so we know that they do not see eye-to-eye on certain aspects of their business practices, but they also know they need each other for projects like the A7 chip.

From the outside their partnership is a frail one, but they do agree on where they stand in this relationship, as Apple is like the architect and designs the A7 chip specs and Samsung is just the laborer. We know that the new A7 processor will have components supplied by Samsung, although we are not certain as to how much the South Korean company will be involved this year.

According to a recent article from 9to5Mac, Samsung components will be used to help power the display and in new iOS 7 devices. With this in mind that means the partnership between the two will go on for at least another year, but past 2014 we just cannot be certain.

There are varied points of view as to this uneasy partnership, as some people would suggest the dependency is one-sided, as Samsung is already making plenty of money with their own product sales. However, if you think Samsung does not need to make a profit from the millions upon millions of iPhone sales then you must be naïve – it is clear they both need each other.

At the end of the day both suggestions are correct, Samsung could go on to make plenty of money elsewhere, and Apple would just outsource the work to another component manufacturer, although it would take a while for the transition period.

One final thought – We have to wonder if Samsung’s relationship is as bad as the media makes out? While they are fierce competitors, they are still close business partners and while Samsung has to do the donkey work while Apple just designs those chips, it is a perfect arrangement.



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