Xbox One specs and features progress

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 3, 2013

The PS4 launch event arrived first and set the standard for next generation consoles, although Xbox One delivered something special following that event but also had thousands of gamers up in arms over certain features.

Since both the Sony and Microsoft launch events we have seen a few changes, but the biggest changes were with Xbox One and some backtracking after gamers wanted to share used games with friends and family.

Today, we are hearing about further changes with the Xbox One specs and features although it seems like positive news for gamers once again. Microsoft state, “a new graphics driver” and also “an increase to Xbox One’s GPU speed” will interest gamers. The improvements will be revealed during Gamescom along with more gameplay to show how good everything looks after the latest additions.

This news broke with some other minor details during a podcast with Major Nelson, so for the finer details you should watch that podcast via the official Nelson blog.

Just as per normal, the news of a 53Mhz speed increase on Xbox One has caused some debate amongst gamers. Some people claim the latest bump in Xbox One features and specs is “next to nothing”; others see it as Microsoft listening to their customer base. The differences in opinion were also highlighted when we touched on PS4 vs. Xbox One RAM allocation.

Watch the podcast, then share a comment with your thoughts over the progress of Xbox One.

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  • Dan Vincent

    Well I hope this gets it close to the PS4! I don’t want my games downgraded because of the damn XBone.

  • Kevin

    Well I didn’t know as I’ve got xbox360 and had it years, but guess what you have to pay to go online with ps4 so hopefully security will be tighter 🙂 so go away little fan boys

  • Kevin

    Just love how they are panicking now, haha next we will hear games are free.
    Go away ms your time is up, I’m moving to ps4 sorry I do not trust you greedy gets

    • Mark Merriman

      right because you can trust a company that leaves customer info in a .txt document.

    • Brett

      I don’t trust a company that allows their entire network be shutdown for an entire month for being hacked. :O