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Nexus 4 getting too hot joins Android 4.3 update issues

Those of you that installed the latest Android 4.3 update on your Nexus 4 might not be that happy right now, which is thanks to some varied problems hitting certain owners of this smartphone. One of the most common complaints is the Nexus 4 getting too hot.

We have received a few emails in regard to the Nexus 4 getting too hot and also seen several comments on other blogs in regard to other issues. Phones Review not only highlights the Nexus 4 gets hot, but has also received comments from their readers explaining a long list of problems that appeared after the Android 4.3 update was installed OTA.

They are not the only smartphone website receiving details of issues. One Nexus 4 owner said, “after the Android 4.3 update my Nexus 4 started heating up and not just when watching videos, it even happens when browsing the web casually”.

Another states, “my Nexus 4 has been getting hot since the new update, it is upsetting me as I travel a lot and feel like my pocket has a heater in it after some light use”.

As we mentioned above, the Nexus 4 getting too hot is just the start of problems some users are reporting. Another common problem is the phone restarting while using certain apps like Skype.

If you have some problems then please share the details, and if you experiencing a hot Nexus 4 after installing the Android 4.3 update or crashing we’d love to hear what apps cause it? You can read about other issues being reported in Google’s official forums via an earlier article.

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