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Moto X emulates Surface Pro marketing, AT&T only

Having already explained that the Moto X is exclusive to those of you in the US, we have some more bad news, which further increases the Moto X exclusivity, and that is the fact that you will only be able to customize your handset if you go for the AT&T version.

Before you get angry, we can inform you that there will be a Verizon Moto X customization option, although they did confirm that this would not happen until later this year. We are still waiting on Sprint and T-Mobile to announce when they will allow this feature.

Being able to customize your Moto X is a smart move, as Motorola feel that individuality is more important than high-end specs, and they could be right. This is the same marketing tactic Microsoft had with their Surface Pro.

The thing is, the younger generation will more than likely be all for the Moto X and its 2,000 color combinations, and so it is clear this is Motorola’s key target, much like the Surface Pro. When Microsoft released the device it was clear by their marketing tactics that a younger person was the audience they were hoping to tap in to.

Do you think that Motorola is onto a winner with the Moto X, and do you think the younger generation will rather have this handset because of its customization instead of a HTC One or Galaxy S4 with their higher-end specs? Also, do you think Motorola has shot themselves in the foot by making this option available on AT&T only for now?



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