Increased Google Chromecast apps and support imminent

When Google first announced Chromecast, there were some people thinking it would not stand a chance because of the competition, such as Apple and Roku. The biggest concern was with content, because in order to be a success you need to deliver to your customers.

Thankfully, increased Google Chromecast content support has already started to happen, which we have to say was pretty quick considering the device was only announced about a week ago. The latest editions are HBO Go and Hulu, with Blip, Devour and Vevo support coming soon.

However, there is more to Chromecast than content from those services above, as we know apps are very important as well and so we are pleased to learn that there will be new Google Chromecast apps coming soon from third-party developers.

Devs are already hard at work coming up with apps to work on Chromecast, but it is not as easy as you would think, one of the reasons for this is because the Chromecast SDK is still in beta, and Google has asked these devs not to publish any apps using the current SDK.

This means that we know more apps are to come, we just do not have a time frame, although we don’t expect to be waiting long, not if Google wants Chromecast to be a success. Looks as though we will have to wait a little longer to see the HTC One syncing easily to Chromecast with a recent developer app.



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