Canon 70D vs. Panasonic GX7, Galaxy NX, similar price not specs

By Peter Chubb - Aug 2, 2013

There are three new cameras coming to the market, and while they may look different, and cater for different markets, they do share something in common, and that is thier price. While they may not be exactly the same price, they are rather similar, and this could be a deciding factor in which of these you will choose.

Okay, we know you will think this is strange as they are for different markets, but some consumers have a set amount they will spend on a new camera, and they will look at varied types of cameras, so it will not matter to them if it is a DSLR, or a Micro Four Thirds.

The three cameras in question are the Canon 70D, the Samsung Galaxy NX and the Panasonic GX7. The first two are from the DSLR family, while the latter is a Micro Four Thirds. All three look very different, and choosing which has the best design is a tough one, although we do have a strange fascination with the GX7.

Canon 70D vs. Galaxy NX and Panasonic GX7 UK price breakdown – While we do not know the finalized pricing for these cameras, we do have a rough idea, and they are rather similar. The Canon 70D is to cost £1,199 with the lens included, compared to £1,299 for the Galaxy NX and £819 for the Panasonic GX7, although this lens does not have the same kind of range as the other two, and so you will need to pay a little more for an equivalent, and so could take the price to just over £1,000.

If you are in the market for a new camera, but don’t have a specific type, then visit the Canon, Samsung or Panasonic websites to check out their specs and then see which is right for you in terms of price and features.

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  • Marco –

    Galaxy NX is not a DSLR at all. It’s a mirrorless camera, like all the NX, based on APS-C 20Mpixel sensor, which is extremely good according to DxO mark (see the test of NX300, which should have the same performance of Galaxy NX).

  • MisterDT

    Where is the comparison?