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Verizon HTC One vs. Moto X release date

The HTC One has been available in the US for a while now, although if you are with Verizon, then you are still out of luck. It is strange why they have made you wait so long, but your time could soon come, although you may have a dilemma on your hands, as it could be close to the release of the Moto X release date on your preferred carrier as well.

Expected Verizon HTC One release date – We had assumed to see the HTC One released on Verizon today, which would coincide with the unveiling of the Moto X, but as yet we have not seen any confirmation to this. The reason for this is because the actual release date for the HTC One on Big Red according to Droid Life could be August 15 instead.

Rumored Verizon Moto X release date – We know that Motorola will unveil their new handset later today, and most rumors seems to suggest that we are looking at a release on August 23, which would be roughly a weak after the HTC One release.

Let us hope that rumors of this being just a mid-range device are untrue, as it will be hard for the handset to standout when you not only have the HTC One coming, but also three new DROID handsets from Motorola as well.

Maybe Verizon has done this for a reason, because if you do not like what you see with the Moto X, then you can go for the HTC One instead?



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