Porsche Macan price for controversial design

While some of you believe that Porsche is diluting their brand, others would say the German auto manufacturer needs to do so in order to keep up with consumer demand, as there is more to life than just sleek looking sports cars.

The launch of the Cayenne was seen as a huge success for Porsche, and so it was inevitable that they would need to enter the CUV market considering the success they made with their SUV. The new model in question is the Porsche Macan, and it looks as though some images of it out on the streets have now become available online, which you can see for yourself here.

While we do not know the Porsche Macan price just yet, we do know that hard-core Porsche fans believe the company will pay the price for such a controversial design. We do find it funny that some of you say that the Macan is ugly and that they could have come up with a more appropriate name, which we will not repeat.

However, we feel these comments are a little harsh, because the Porsche Macan design is pleasing on the eye and shows they are not afraid to deliver what the public want, and we really do feel this model will sell very well in the US, especially New York, where the Range Rover Sport does rather well as well.

Just looking at this upcoming CUV, we have to admit that it has presence, as well as the fact that it looks just low enough to be more of a sports car than the Cayenne, so giving you the best of both worlds.



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