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Pokemon X and Y footage with Mewtwo, Oorotto sighting

Pokemon X and Y fans are desperately waiting for some official news on Mewtwo and the creature’s new form, and now we have a brand new teaser for you to get excited about. We have seen Mewtwo in a new split-second scene and also confirmation of the mysterious tree Pokemon called Oorotto as well which is still yet to receive an official reveal.

Along with the legendary Yveltal and Xerneas, the new version of Mewtwo is going to be one of the most desired catches of the whole Pokemon X and Y adventure. Game Freak and Nintendo knows this too well, which is probably why they are taking their sweet time to reveal official details on the powerful creature.

We still don’t know the full details on Mewtwo and its new transformation, but the creature has shown up very briefly again in a new Pokemon X and Y gameplay trailer. If you pause the clip above at the 0.43 mark, you’ll see Mewtwo undergoing some kind of transformation, with Game Freak using a particularly awesome animation.

While it’s great to see another glimpse of Mewtwo, if only for a split second, we also have the first proper look at the rumored tree Pokemon Oorotto. Watch the trailer at the 0.30 mark to see Oorotto come to life in a Pokemon X and Y horde encounter – it looks like all of the previous fan drawings were spot on!

Like Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Pokemon X and Y is a game that you just can’t miss out on in October. Check out the new footage and let us know how pumped up you are for the game. Who says that Pokemon is just a kid’s game?



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