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iOS 7 beta 4 third party accessories support

We knew the release of iOS 7 beta 4 would bring with it a range of bug fixes and much needed improvements, although it is clear there is still some work to do before we see the iOS 7 Gold Master release. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, as this latest version has a rather unique improvement that will help resolve a security.

What does iOS 7 beta 4 third party accessories support actually mean? It seems as though a flaw was found in iOS 6, which could mean a USB charger could have been hacked, giving hackers access to your iPhone or iPad, although we have to point out that this was only an issue with third party accessories, and not one made by Apple.

According to Mac Rumors, the USB charger that was hacked during the Black Hat Convention (so not maliciously) was custom built from components costing less than $50. Inside was a small Linux computer that was able to hack and gain access into the iOS.

You have to admire these conventions, as they do help find flaws like this out, and as such has led Apple to fixing this flaw in iOS 7 beta 4. The idea of someone being able to gain access to your iPhone with a malicious charger is something that sounded worrying, and so we have to thank the team of people who found the flaw, and for Apple in resolving the issue quickly.

We expect to see two more beta versions for iOS 7, with the Gold Master being ready for download at the beginning of September. Then it should be just a couple of weeks later before the public gets their hands on the final iOS 7 release.



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