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Convert HTC One to Google Edition

When the HTC One was first launched there was a huge amount of excitement, as it offered users something the Galaxy S4 could not, and that was a premium build quality, something HTC had not been good at in the past. Once they got their hands on the new smartphone they were pleased for the most part, although the bloatware sort of lets it down.

HTC does have a solution, and that is with the HTC One Google Edition, as does the S4, but this is no good for those who had already purchased theirs with all that bloatware, which as you know can often slow a handset down, as well as taking up valuable storage space.

However, there is a solution, one that we already showed you with the Galaxy S4, but we failed to share this same advice for those of you looking to share the same experience.

Convert HTC One to Google Edition
– We have some details for you on how you can take your stock HTC One and then convert it into the Google Edition, which is better explained in the 11 minute and 27 second video. We are told the process will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Thanks to a Bootloader, Recovery, and OTA Updates you will be ready to enjoy a cleaner and faster HTC One. We know that some of you have already done so, but for those who are going to give it a go, we would love for you to share your experience with our readers.



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