Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer axed on Wii U

Batman Arkham Origins is looking like an amazing game to own this October, but don’t forget that until now we have only seen the single-player element of the game. Origins is also going to ship with a fully fledged multiplayer mode as well, but unfortunately we’ve just had confirmation that multiplayer isn’t going to be coming to the Wii U version.

It’s yet another state state of affairs that we find ourselves in, but Warner Bros has definitely said that multiplayer won’t be available on Nintendo’s new console. The reason has already been disclosed as well – the Wii U player install base is the cause of this, with Warner Bros wanting to develop multiplayer for platforms with a ‘bigger audience’. Ouch.

It’s a massive blow for those who were considering a Wii U purchase, but at least the single-player experience on Wii U should still be enough to satisfy those who enjoyed Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. As for multiplayer itself though, it looks great and you can get a taste of what is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by watching the announce trailer below.

Players will be able to take part in a 3vs3vs2 deathmatch, with Batman and Robin available as choices, as well as Joker and Bane teams duking it out at the same time as well. It looks like there will even be an option to mix things up, allowing you to play as the enemy to see what that side is like too – sounds interesting.

This doesn’t help the Wii U’s situation though. What a shame that those buying that version of the game will now miss out on a considerable chunk of the game. If you were thinking of a Wii U purchase, give us your thoughts on this below.



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