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Moto X phone countdown begins with Motorola event

With just a day to go until the Motorola event, the Moto X phone countdown has now begun. This is certainly a reason to get excited because there has been a huge amount of hype in regards to this new smartphone, which is expected to help Motorola fight their way near the top once again, although this is a big ask.

The build-up to the Moto X event has kicked off already, because there have already been several press shots of the handset in question, but there was another leak that got us even more excited. We are talking about Guy Kawasaki showing us a sneak peak of a green Moto X Phone, although the image has now been pulled from his Google+ page.

Kawasaki was never pictured with the handset, but rather someone from the Motorola Campus Party, which you can see for yourself below, thanks to Droid Life. We cannot see this being a popular color for Motorola’s upcoming smartphone, so maybe this is proof of the Moto X customization?

Moto X in green

This is not the first time that we have seen proof of this, as the green and other colors were spotted earlier this month, well the rear cases anyway. If you look closely enough you will see the two other guys with phones in their hands, these could be other Moto X handsets.

It is clear the excitement level is now building, and while this does not compare to the launch of a new iPhone, we are still interested in what Motorola will show off tomorrow.

We know we will see one new handset, but will they introduce a new range, and even more interestingly a tablet, which had been rumored towards the end of last year?



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