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iOS 7 Apple Maps improvements over Google

For years Apple relied on Google for their iOS Maps app, and then last year Apple decided to go it alone and offer their own solution, although they did have a little help from TomTom. It is no secret that this was considered a failure, and as a result Apple knew they had to go back to the drawing board.

iOS 7 Apple Maps improvements – With Apple working hard on getting iOS 7 ready for a final release version at the end of September, they have already released several beta versions for devs to find the issues and then report them to Apple. We are sure they have been working hard with iOS 7 Maps, although things have been a little quiet.

However, we have now learned from Apple Insider that iOS 7 Apple Maps offers improvements that puts it ahead of Google and Nokia Maps, although only in the 3D department.

Apple is now using flyover 3D imagery, and as such gives much finer detail, and more up-to-date images than what you would normally get. Google Maps does offer 3D, although you have to use Google Earth in order to make use of this feature, and so Apple has taken things to a new level, and could put them out in front.

The technology used here is not new, as it was first seen back at CES 2011. Apple purchased C3 Technologies back in late 2011, and it was only a matter of time before Apple started to incorporate it into their maps service – better late than never.

Nokia has used the same technology in the past, but this would only work on a desktop and not a mobile OS, so it does seem as though Apple has not only trumped Google but Nokia as well, let’s just hope Apple has made vast improvements to the main part of iOS Maps.



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