HTC One Chromecast video stream demonstration

Google feels as though they have something very special on their hands with their Chromecast device, as it offers a great alternative to Apple TV and Roku. Okay, so it does not have as much content availability, but at $35 it is worth the risk, and it does come with added benefits, such as making your TV smarter without the big price tag, and also adding a new feature to smartphones such as the HTC One.

We have singled out that smartphone because of a recent video that looks at how you can stream a video taken with your HTC One direct to your TV with the use of the small Comcast USB device.

You can see the HTC One Chromecast video stream demonstration for yourself above, and no doubt it will make you consider getting one, as it is rather a useful ability. This feature has been available to Android users before, but never as easy as this, and that is all thanks to Google Chromecast.

However, we have to inform you that you will need to use this in conjunction with an app first, although the developer in the video has yet to name or officially release his new app.

This is where the issue lies, because the dev will need to get written permission from Google so that he can distribute the APK. Let’s hope Google grant him this, as we would hate to think that we will not be able to see this for ourselves.



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