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GTA V Vs Max Payne 3 copied materials not a problem

While the majority of gamers, regardless of platform loyalty will say GTA V is looking amazing, there are some who have played Max Payne 3 and believe that the two games are looking very similar. This week, we give you a chance to see for yourself how these claims match up and whether it is a big problem for you or not.

With Max Payne 3 only having been released in May, you could also say that Rockstar can’t really be blamed for ‘borrowing’ one or two elements from the Max Payne 3 engine. Also don’t forget that GTA V was originally intended for a Spring release before being delayed, so the two games would have basically been developed in line together and released in almost the same release window.

With GTA V now due out in September though of course, we are now starting to see evidence of the Max Payne 3 influence that Rockstar has put into the game, notably in the gun mechanics and combat animations. The video which we have for you above basically shows Rockstar using the exact same formula for a respective GTA V and Max Payne 3 fight scene – so is this a bad thing or not in your opinion?

While some criticisms may come Rockstar’s way for them being ‘lazy’, others will disagree. We actually think the gun mechanics in Max Payne 3 were very good, so isn’t it a very positive outcome that Rockstar are taking arguably the best aspect out of Max Payne 3 and implementing that into GTA V?

It’s all a matter of opinion. Watch the clip and tell us what you think below.



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