Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer gameplay dated

By Alan Ng - Jul 31, 2013

A few weeks ago we told you that Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer had already been given a premiere countdown, with Infinity Ward confirming that a reveal would happen sometime in August. This week, we’re pleased to finally give you an update on this, as we now have an official start time and date for when the world will finally get a live glimpse of Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer.

To get the big news out of the way first, we can confirm that you’ll get your first taste of multiplayer gameplay on Wednesday August 14. Infinity Ward has even given us a clearer indication, revealing that the premiere will take place at 10.30am Pacific time.

That means the early afternoon for those on Eastern time and the early evening for our readers over in the UK. Interestingly, it looks like the reveal of Ghosts multiplayer will not coincide with a major sporting event, as we usually have seen in the past. Infinity Ward are also giving no hints away about what to expect, other than to point fans to the official website containing the important date and start time.

The big question is though: How pumped up are you about Call of Duty Ghosts this year? We have heard a lot of feedback on how Battlefield 4 is ‘going to walk all over COD Ghosts’, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Ghosts is the game that ends up taking the most sales after release.

Certain fans may not be too happy with the same multiplayer formula anymore, but it does sell and you can bet that Infinity Ward will be making certain tweaks to make it look very appealing compared to Modern Warfare 3. Let us know if you will bother with the game this year, or if your money is going on BF4 instead.

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  • TechiFPS

    Well I like BF4 but I will be getting COD Ghost. I was going to get both. But I hate how BF now runs off of your web browser. Sorry EA, but until you make a game run on my PC like a paid for PC game should. I will not be buying BF4.