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LG G2 cases exposed, imitates Galaxy S4 cover

LG is holding an event on August 7, where they are set to unveil their G2 handset, but before that they have something to share with us. It seems they wish to prepare us with an accessory to help complement the new smartphone, and as such these LG G2 cases have now been exposed.

Before we look a little closer at these cases, we cannot help notice how similar they are to the Galaxy S4 cover. We doubt Samsung will object to this because they are a little different, although we can’t help think LG has done a better job with its design.

The QuickWindow (see here) for the LG G2 is a premium case, much like Samsung’s and allows for you to see the time, check messages and who is calling thanks to the large window on the front of the cover. This means you do not have to open the cover.

If we had to describe the design of this first LG G2 case, then it would be stylish and practical. There will be several color choices in all; these are black, blue, mint, pink, purple, white and yellow. LG has not said how much these G2 QuickWindow covers will cost, but we do know they will be available to purchase once the new LG G2 is released.

It is a known fact that LG has been copying Samsung for years, although we cannot agree entirely. Having said that, it is worrying when Samsung come up with something and then in a few instances LG will take it and make it much better, just like the QuickWindow.

The LG GS specs have been hyped for a while now, but at least you do not have that long to wait to see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, check out these LG teasers preparing us for its release.



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