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iOS 7 Gold Master countdown

The iOS 7 Gold Master countdown has already begun as we move ever closer to the fall, some people think the Gold Master could come a lot sooner thanks to the speed of betas compared to last year with iOS 6.

However, iOS 7 public release will still be in September and likely a couple of days before the next iPhone hits a release date to stop server issues. There is no way Apple will launch both of their products on the same day, as we know how bogged down their servers get.

We still expect to see the next iPhone released on September 20, which is a Friday, and iOS 7 final release on September 18th, which is a Wednesday. However, because this will be a few days before the start of the fall, Apple could move the release of both back a week, in order to be in line with what Tim Cook had said about no big releases until the fall.

If we are correct about these dates, then the iOS 7 Gold Master could be launched at the start of September, as this will follow the same pattern as iOS 6 GM last year, albeit a little earlier.

In the meantime we urge readers to share their experiences with iOS 7 beta 4, and tell us any issues you are having with it. There is speculation that there will be two more beta releases before iOS 7 GM, which would give Apple a two week grace after the beta 6 release.



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