iOS 7 beta 5 release time predictable

By Peter Chubb - Jul 30, 2013

Although iOS 7 beta 4 took 3 weeks to see a release from the previous version, we have no reason to doubt this will be the case for the next update for developers. The iOS 7 beta 5 release time is predictable, as we assume it will be 10am PT on Monday 12th August, as long as Apple doesn’t experience any downtime like last week.

The improvements made to this latest beta version of iOS 7 are vast, and as such has helped to remove several of the bugs that developers had experienced with beta 3. However, we do know there are still a few issues, and it seems we will need to wait until Apple releases beta 5 in order to further improve the mobile OS.

We are still waiting to learn from our in-house developer if iOS 7 beta 4 has managed to fix the battery drain and overheating issues, along with crashing apps as well? As yet we have not had any reports from our readers, so they are either still playing with the new version, or these problems have now been resolved?

iOS 7 beta 5 changes – Like we said above, it is still early days to fully understand how these latest changes will affect iOS devices, as the change log is huge, but that is not to say more needs to be done. It is thought that we should expect at least two more beta versions before iOS 7 GM, so there is still plenty of improvements and tweaks to come, and we hope to see even more enhancements with beta 5.

While it is easy to see the gigantic list of changes with beta 4, we would love to know if there is anything major to note?

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  • Jonathan Alder

    Overall a big step back. Feels like beta 1 again. Phone overheating and battery draining fast. Won’t sync new songs or finishing syncing when connected to iTunes.

  • Drydawggy

    After updating to beta 4, in the control center, the pause button wont pause music.

  • Almas

    After updating to beta 4 I noticed a rapid drain in my iphone 5 battery which was much better in beta 3.