Windows 9 and Surface 2 release eagerness by Ballmer

By Peter Chubb - Jul 29, 2013

Microsoft seems to be going through a bad phase at the moment with Steve Ballmer, and it is clear that changes need to happen, and fast. Bill Gates created a great company, and under Ballmer’s leadership huge mistakes are being made. Apple is facing the same issue, because Steve Jobs was their vision, and Tim Cook does not have the drive or passion, and so it seems these two great companies are missing the two great ones.

However, we should not be too hard on Steve Ballmer, because he has admitted mistakes have been made; now how cool would it be to hear Cook say the same? Ballmer has said that Windows 8 sales have not been what they had hoped, and this is the same story with the Surface RT.

According to Neowin, Microsoft’s CEO has admitted that they built far too many Surface RT devices, and should have produced less until they could gauge a reaction from their customers. There was also an admission that the RT price was on the high side; they did not come out and say that, but the recent price reduction does seem to prove the fact.

Then there is the white elephant in the room, and that is Windows 8 sales. The newest version of their operating system proved popular at release, but interest quickly dwindled, although poor sales of Windows devices have also played their part in this, which in some cases is out of Microsoft’s hands, although if they made their OS more desirable things might be different.

With these two admissions, Ballmer will now be looking ahead to Windows 9 and the Surface 2 release, whatever they decide to call it. We don’t yet know enough about Windows 9, although we are sure Microsoft is already working on their next operating system in the hope of correcting all what is wrong with Windows 8.

As for the next Surface, you would think Microsoft is making a mistake by putting money into a project that seems failed, but they only have to make some minor adjustments, along with keeping the price down and they might be able to make a success of it.

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  • Darkie On

    Need to get rid of Windows phone & Windows RT. Or make RT usable as PC. All you need is Surface with a build in phone. Then you only carry one device. I use Surface all the time. From home video editing to work. camera, and games. Got rid of my PC, PDA, and Laptop. Now, hope to get rid of limited usefulness of Phone 8, and just use Surface Phone instead.

  • Shyam K Subedi

    I love windows phone 8 and windows 8 . This is great concept and great technology they used. The live tile awesome, simple animated live tile looks beautiful. Some of features missing they are coming in near future. I can predict within 2 years everyone who used PC they will used windows phone. Windows phone has bright future. Good job Microsoft and Ballmer. You guys are in right track.

    • Nathan

      I like the Surface pro but I expend in my couch at least 3 or 4 hours a day and Just can’t work with my surface while I’m doing it, So i wouldn’t expend One hundred bux again if they don’t change that

  • Summy

    As long as they make both operating systems seperate, I may buy it.

  • Ken R.

    The solution to their issues of selling product is quite simple. They are attempting to sell the same product in two different markets and it is failing miserably. If they truly want to compete then you must cater to both markets in different ways.

    Windows 9 should be aimed at the PC market and the interface should be useful for a Keyboard and a Mouse not a touchscreen.

    Windows Surface (OS) should be aimed at the tablet and touchscreen market which includes touchscreen PCs. This is where you have the tiles and all the interface options that fit will with touchscreen interface.

    Windows Mobile (OS) is aimed at the MS Phone market which admittedly is crap and should be cut off and save what money you have left in that division.

    And there you go. They have two distinct markets. They need to learn that.

    • Frank

      Then you must not have used Windows Phone (not Windows Mobile as you called it). I’ve been using it since the day it came out and its a very stable, capable OS. The only thing that I will concede is the lack of some of the high profile apps, such as Instagram. But a crappy OS it is not.

      • Cristóbal Jorge Robles

        I was about to say the same thing Frank! I picked up and HTC 8x last December and have not regretted it. The OS is silky smooth and stable. Scrolling around on it is actually kind of fun. The sounds are pleasant and inviting.

        Ken you must have not used Windows 8…it works perfectly well for mouse and keyboard and honestly I haven’t found it to lose functionality with that. Now, not liking the LOOK of the metro tile theme is a different matter.

        And honestly because of Microsoft’s push for it’s touchscreen friendly OS (not keyboard unfriendly), prices on touchscreen ultrabooks and laptops have plummeted compared to years past. Microsoft has a history of pushing technology that people aren’t ready for only to have the people find that they didn’t know what they wanted till they got it.

        (See Microsoft 95, Xbox requiring broadband)

  • Tyler Davis

    They’re competing with Apple who has created this market since Jobs. They’re a business. Either upgrade or don’t. It’s that simple 🙂