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Wii U hardware sales blocked by supermarket

We have some rather interesting news to tell you now about the Nintendo Wii U, news which could be treated as a rather big blow to Nintendo. It has been confirmed that UK supermarket ASDA has made the decision, not to sell any more Wii U hardware, or indeed software in any of their UK stores throughout the country.

ASDA has yet to issue an official statement on the matter or give their reasons, but you can presume that the overall choice was made by their perception of poor Wii U sales in their stores. While you won’t be able to buy a system or any games from ASDA in the near future, we do hear from CVG that Wii U products will still be available to buy from ASDA’s online store instead.

Is this a huge blow to Nintendo and perhaps a little premature from ASDA’s part? When the Wii U receives the likes of Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: Wind Waker HD, hardware sales are bound to pick up tenfold for Nintendo. Don’t forget that we then have massive titles such as Super Smash Bros and an original Wii U Zelda title to look forward to in the future as well – will ASDA want a piece of that when the time arrives we wonder?

Perhaps ASDA has already made up in their minds that their in-store gaming business will depend solely on next-gen console hardware and software sales for the Xbox One and Sony PS4. You’ll just have to head to a different supermarket in the UK now if you usually picked up your gaming products on Wii U from ASDA.

Are you surprised by the move, with momentum now slowly picking up again for the Wii U?



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