State of Decay PC release with mod possibilities

By Alan Ng - Jul 29, 2013

State of Decay has become one of the stand out highlights of 2013 for Xbox 360 gamers, not many can argue with that. On the other side, PC gamers have been waiting for months to get their chance to play after an initial promise from Undead Labs that a Windows version was coming.

You may have heard last week, that a PC version has finally been pinpointed for a release towards the end of the year. Developers Undead Labs have revealed that the game will be going live first on Steam as part of an ‘Early Access program’, with a full release coming soon afterwards.

What you may not be aware of, is that the PC version of the game is set to be the best edition period when it arrives, thanks to the availability of mod support. It has already been confirmed that game will not ship with any official mod tools, but at the same time, Undead Labs has already said that they are ‘open’ for users to begin exploring with the PC version themselves.

And exploration is certainly going to happen. Using this amazing Skyrim mod expansion as a recent example, the open-world nature of State of Decay is surely going to provide some mouth-watering opportunities for developers to come up with some great add-on content that won’t be available on Xbox 360.

Don’t forget that is already on top of a PC version that will come with better graphics, a higher resolution and a much smoother frame rate compared to Xbox 360. So you can understand now why there is so much demand for the PC version. Let us know if you have been waiting for the PC version to land and what type of mods you want to see upon release.

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  • Benjamin Statham

    Such a shame. Modding is not cool.

  • Chris

    Just started building a decent gaming PC (mini ITC size with a GTX770). Should be enough and should be completed just in time for this. 😉

  • John Silver

    it’s too bad that even with all the modding support there probably won’t be any multiplayer mod. this game would be so much better if you could play it with a few of your friends.

  • Luuk van Riel

    Its more about speeds ya know. If the games are tailored to utilize the 5x faster ram of ps4 they will have far less loading and texture pop in.