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Pokemon X and Y graphics for water battles

You have probably seen plenty of Pokemon X and Y screenshots showing off the exciting new sky battles in the game, but you may not have heard any details regarding water battles. Game Freak will once again be going the extra mile, to give water battles in Pokemon X and Y an added level of polish compared to standard battles.

This week, we have discovered some new screenshots which give you an idea of what to expect upon release. It also may give you the first glimpse of a Skrelp doing battle against a Clauncher directly on the 3DS hardware that you probably haven’t seen on any previous X and Y reveal.

The water textures and visual quality looks fantastic, arguably even more impressive than the sky battles which may get rather repetitive after time. If you look closely at the screenshot above courtesy of KPopStarz, you can also see some shadow effects that Game Freak has put in underneath Clauncher just for extra brownie points.

That’s all we have at the moment, but hopefully we will see a full reveal of water battles in an upcoming episode of Pokemon Smash soon. The most recent airing this weekend did not reveal this for us yet, but we have a feeling it can’t be too far off.

With sky battles and now water battles now partially revealed, what other treats does Game Freak have in store for everyone? It would be fun if there was a way to bring the Eiffel Tower resemblance more closely into the game, perhaps some battles taking place on the structure itself?

Take a look at the first screenshot of water battles in Pokemon X and Y and tell us what you would like to see next. It’s probably time for some Mewtwo action soon as well.



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