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Nexus 5 release could pave way for LG Nexus 7 3

When the Galaxy S4 was first released it wasn’t long before rumors about the Galaxy S5 began to circulate, which was obvious considering Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone did not deliver as much as we all had hoped. It is for this reason why we are not shocked to hear rumors of the Nexus 7 3 already because the Nexus 7 second-generation has just been released.

However, the reports regarding the Nexus 7 third-generation is nothing to do with the new Nexus 7 or possible failings, but more so because of making life easier for Google. The way in which Google could achieve this is by moving away from ASUS and getting even chummier with LG.

This would mean that the Nexus 5 could pave the way for the Nexus 7 3, as the tablet could also be manufactured by LG rather than ASUS next year. It’s hard to know just how much truth there is to this report from 9to5Google, but it is certainly plausible, even though earlier this year there had been reports that LG wasn’t going to be involved in the Nexus 5 release, although this was later found not to be the case.

Google has had a good partnership with ASUS and the Nexus 7 range, along with LG as well with the Nexus 4, so it is anyone’s guess which way Google will decide to go.

Personally, we feel that it is a little too early for Google to make any such decisions, but we also find it strange why we would not see Motorola build the Nexus 7 3, unless Google is not confidant enough in them, in which case it could have been bad investment to purchase Motorola?



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