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Moto X vs. HTC One vs. Galaxy S4 for styling

Little more than a week ago we were treated to some leaked images of Motorola’s Moto X phone, and from what we saw, the design was pleasing on the eye. However, we still felt as though the HTC One had the edge, which is until now.

We say this because some so-called press shots of the Moto X have now leaked online and the styling is not only better than the Galaxy S4, but also the HTC One as well, which we have to say is a decent achievement. This is just our opinion going by the image that you see above, thanks again to @evleaks, as long as it isn’t made from plastic that is.

It is hard to say if we can put any faith in these images, because of the minor differences we can see from the image above to those seen last week, and also the fact that it now looks like one of the best looking smartphones out there, if this is the real deal and once released that is.

Let’s say this is the Moto X release model, then if the Moto X vs. HTC One vs. Galaxy S4 was pitted against each other for styling, then which of the three would you choose, and please elaborate on your decision.

Some of us had wondered what had happened to Motorola in recent months, and we now know why they have been a little subdued with releases, as they have been working on the Moto X Phone and a new range of Droid devices, which we had already discussed.

These new smartphones will only been made available on Verizon for now, but now it looks as though the Moto X will be released on more than one carrier, which is needed if Motorola wants to have success with their new camera range.

We do not have long to wait to find out, as the Moto X event is on August 1, which is this Thursday.



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