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iOS 7 beta 4 issues fuels beta 5 release anticipation

We had expected to see the iOS 7 beta 4 release a week ago, but due to unforeseen circumstance Apple had to delay its launch by a week. Thankfully, beta 4 is finally live and will give developers a chance to see if all those previous issues have been resolved.

The early signs are looking good, the issues that iPhone 4, 4S and 5 owners had experienced with iOS 7 beta 3 seems to have be fixed, but all is not well. We say this because there are now reports that there are various iOS 7 beta 4 issues, and as you would expect has fueled the iOS 7 beta 5 release anticipation.

Numerous iOS 7 beta 4 issues – The first issue is to do with the lockscreen, as it is said to look untidy, there is also a problem with the Wi-Fi signal overlapping on the Notification Center bar that you drag down. Text messages are still a bit of a pain to delete, which is down to the new way you swipe to delete, you would have assumed that Apple would have changed this back by now?

However, the biggest issue is with some people seeing the message iOS 7 beta 4 download failed. These problems are not being experienced by most devs, but only a minority of individuals, but if you are having any other issues then please share them with our readers.

What improvements would you like to see included in iOS 7 beta 5 once released?



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