2014 BMW X5 interior and exterior options detailed

When the Corvette C7 Stingray was first unveiled many fans of the iconic model could not wait until the release of the configurator tool in order to see what options were available, along with seeing what the new vehicle would look like in different colors. So just imagine how happy they were once it went live?

However, the launch of the 2014 BMW X5 configurator online tool has not been met with the same enthusiasm, but it is still good to see it go live. This means if you were considering purchasing the third-generation BMW X5, then you will be able to see what optional extras are obtainable.

The many different 2014 BMW X5 interior and exterior options are detailed on the BMW website thanks to their build your own tool; as you can see we had a little play with the tool, and it does not take long before the 2014 BMW X5 price begins to spiral out of control.

Once you land on the page your first choice will be which new BMW X5 model will you choose, with there being a choice of four. The choice of optional extras is extensive and so you can get lost for a ages, as you try to add a bit of individuality to your BMW X5.

However, it doesn’t take you long to realize that this SUV, like its rivals, are overpriced, and so you would be better off going for a sedan instead, as they are more practical and cheaper as well. There is also the fact that this next-generation BMW X5 is not the best looking SUV out there, although it is not as ugly as the 2014 Jeep Cherokee.



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