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Using PS Vita as PS4 controller clarified

A lot of upcoming PS4 buyers are very excited about the prospect of remote play streaming, which will allow them to play their PS4 games instantly on the PS Vita. Sony has promised that this feature will be available almost as a ‘mandatory’ requirement for developers, but now we have a little clarification on how the PS Vita system can be used as a secondary PS4 control input.

If you thought that you would be able to use the PS Vita as a second PS4 controller out of the box, Sony has unfortunately confirmed that this won’t be the case. While it may seem like a disappointment, it could also be deemed as expected on the other hand, with the PS4 Dual Shock4 obviously supporting a lot more physical buttons and features than the PS Vita control scheme.

With this in mind, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that using the PS Vita as a PS4 controller will only be available if a developer specifically puts in the extra work on a title in order to make the PS Vita compatible. So while it ‘wont just work’, you could also expect some developers to make this happen anyway – so it’s not all bad.

While this aspect has been clarified by Sony, don’t forget that this doesn’t affect the remote play streaming side of things. When using this feature, you will obviously be using the PS Vita to play your PS4 games. Having said that, it does pose the interesting debate on whether all PS4 games will ‘mandatory’ feature remote play as Sony initially said.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but obviously you’ll be able to play the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall using your PS Vita when in remote play mode. What we don’t want to see is Sony backtracking on remote play and having a minimal amount of supported games again. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.



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