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PS4 vs PS3 size in official video

While most of you have probably seen endless pictures of the PS4 console from a whole variety of angles, a lot of you may still be unaware of how big the console actually is compared to the original PS4. The Xbox One looks like a fairly large console alongside the PS4, but now we have a great video for you to watch which gives you a clear idea of just how big the PS4 actually is.

Sony has generously provided a clear-cut video via their access YouTube channel, letting fans see how the PS4 stacks up alongside the original fat PS3 model side by side. It finally gives you a chance to see how big the console looks in general terms, whilst obviously confirming once again that the PS4 unit will be significantly smaller than the original PS3.

If you skip to around 0.35 into the video, you’ll see the image above which perhaps provides the most telling size comparison factor to date – the PS4 when horizontally placed is basically the same size as the lower area of the original PS3 which housed the USB ports. Was the fat PS3 really that big?

From what we can gather, it looks like most of you are very happy overall with the PS4 design. It would have been very bad news for Sony if complaints started to come in, but we have hardly heard any negative aspect at all on the PS4 design. Take a look at the quick video above and let us know your thoughts on the PS4 size again.

Do you think it is even nicer than the PS2, since that is a console which everyone is using for design comparisons?



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