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Xbox One white model to release in 2014?

We have seen various images of the PS4 dev kit prior to and after the unveiling of Sony’s console, but hardly anything regarding Xbox One dev kits – until now that is. An image has now appeared, revealing a bit of a surprise in the form of a white Xbox One console that was being used during the early development stages of Microsoft’s console.

The image which you see here was posted to Reddit and basically shows the same console albeit in a unseen white paint job. The image has apparently already been verified by an Xbox One developer who has commented on the same Reddit thread, but the big question remains on if Microsoft has plans to officially introduce this white model to the market in 2014.

It would make perfect sense to, perhaps during E3 2014 or if not then during the Holiday 2014 period when consumers will be eager to snap up some gaming deals. The white model looks very nice in our opinion, but we would probably still opt for the black model if we had to make a choice – especially after being so used to the Xbox 360 slim console.

It’s also no secret that the Xbox One console is quite hefty in size, so hopefully Microsoft is already making plans behind closed doors to offer a slimmed down version of the console. What are your honest thoughts on this new white model after seeing this picture uploaded to Reddit?

Would any of you actually consider canceling your current pre-order if Microsoft suddenly announced a white model as well?



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